Bulk Vending Machines

Written by James Bruce
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If you're new to this business, and even if you're not, there are good deals to be had on used bulk vending machines. Even new bulk vending machines can be purchased at a reasonable cost, but all of this comes with a crucial warning. It isn't the best deal if the machine is cheap because it's outdated, or if it offers limited flexibility.

Vending Machine Issues

Some of the super cheap new machines on the market are low cost, but with a catch. They are designed to hold very specific products, of a very specific shape and loading configuration. In other words, you can only buy products from a specific manufacturer, greatly limiting what you can offer.

Even an old machine will work fine if you have an exclusive location, but consider what happens with technology in any field. First, older technology often costs more to repair, because replacement parts may be rare. Secondly, new technology often represents improvements, such as fewer feed malfunctions or coin acceptance breakdowns.

A reputable dealer of vending machines wants you to succeed, because of course, in the long run that means future sales. However, there are third party dealers who don't always operate this way. In some cases, you could end up with a machine without a factory warranty, where nobody is standing behind the product but you.

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