Bulk Vending Supplies

Written by Liza Hartung
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Buying bulk vending supplies is perhaps the most fun part of starting your vending business. Just looking at your options will take you back to being a kid. You will probably start drooling as well. Looking at all those different kinds of candy is quite tempting. To make the smartest marketing move, you will need to purchase supplies that make the most sense for the location of the machine.

For instance, putting gourmet mints or Mentos in a restaurant vending machine is a great idea. Conversely, you might want to think about silly looking gum for a place where children will be. Gum that looks like eyes, soccer balls, baseballs or has flavors like watermelon and strawberry shortcake will be a hit with kids. Teenagers as well will like this. I'm in my mid-twenties and all of them sound appealing to me.

If you are setting up your vending machines in a very popular area, you will want lots of different bulk vending supplies. You might have a whole group of machines in a movie theater or at a food court in a mall. For this, I suggest going with an exciting array of choices. People from all walks of life will be passing by, so you want to have something for everyone. This means a bigger investment on your part, but a bigger return as well.

Choosing Bulk Vending Supplies

When it comes to bulk vending supplies, you have tons of choices. For candy machines, you have your basics like M&Ms, Skittles, Hot Tamales and Chiclets. To get a wider variety try Rainbow Nerds, Sour Sweets, Jelly Bellies or Boston Red Beans. You can also step away from the edible supplies and stock your machines with bouncy balls. Try them in animal prints, billiard balls or eyeball prints.

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