Candy Machines

Written by Liza Hartung
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Perhaps the most fun thing about candy machines is deciding what to put in them. This will generally depend on where the machine is going, but you will have some freedom of choice. If you are putting your machines in an upscale bank, you probably don't want to put eyeball gumballs inside. Alternatively, if your machine is going in a children's play zone, I suggest avoiding gourmet mints.

When it comes to candy machines, you have a large selection, from the most basic to a little more fun. You can always do M&Ms (plain and peanut), Chiclets, Skittles or Hot Tamales. Most people can find something they like from those choices. However, if you want a little more flair to your candy machines, fill them with Jelly Bellies, Mentos, Sprees, Chewy Sprees or Boston Baked Beans.

The Hunt for Candy Machines

It is usually the fun colors of these machines that catch our eyes. If they were muted grey or tan, we would likely pass by without so much as a glance. This is why you have got to get some eye-catching machines if you want to make your business work. The most common colors are sky blue, navy blue, canary yellow, burgundy and hunter green. If you are setting up a collection of machines, get a whole bunch of different colors.

You want business. That is the bottom line. In order to get business, you have to attract people to your machines and entice them with what's inside. You do this by knowing the kind of people that will be passing by. With a more conservative crowd, get your basics. With a louder crowd, go with something more fun. If you are working with a mixed space, then mix up the choices.

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