Combo Vending Machines

Written by Liza Hartung
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Combo vending machines are a great idea to really get your vending business off the ground. As the name suggests, one machine offers several products. You can see these with snack machines that also sell beverages. It's a wonderful idea because you won't have to deal with hauling around two separate machines. In addition, most people who buy a snack also want a drink to go with it. When this is the case, your machine will be right there to satisfy.

Other types of combo vending machines are stackable towers. This is for candy, gum, toys, stickers, cigarettes, coffee, and lots of other products, too. It's a great thing for high traffic areas and places that can't afford a lot of room. You want to make the most money that you can in one area. If you know you are putting your machine in a very busy place, such as a mall, movie theater or bowling alley, you want to provide a variety of items.

People will love walking up to your machines and seeing that they have so many options. There are many people out there willing to drop in a quarter if only you provide what they want. A quarter, to most people, isn't much. However, a lot of quarters can definitely add up to some extra income for you.

Purchasing Combo Vending Machines

You can find combo vending machines all over the place. Make sure you really check out all the available options before you purchase. It's no fun to pay for a several machines only to find a better deal a few weeks later. Ask around. Read some books. Buy eye-catching machines. Get bright colors and fun shapes. Provide things that aren't all over the place, such as breathalyzer machines in clubs. As a safe bet, bill changers can be useful anywhere.

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