Floral Vending Machines

Written by Sierra Rein
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For many people, floral vending machines are life (and relationship) savers! They can be found in many public areas, such as airports, hospitals, bus and train terminals, and convenience stores. When there are no florist shops nearby, these are sometimes the only way to purchase a beautiful flower for a loved one coming home.

Floral vending machines are built to reduce the inside temperature to a cool 65 degrees and maintain humidity to a minimum. Because a flower's stem, petals and leaves are so delicate, it takes proper maintenance of these machines to keep the blossoms inside fresh and beautiful. Bouquets should be checked and replaced every few days to ensure quality and longevity out of the case.

Like other types of vending machines, these flower refrigerators can take either credit card or cash and must display their wares attractively. Some floral vending machines include a call box with a phone to allow a customer to talk directly with the parent florist company, increasing sales and making this small investment more profitable. An inside computer tallies the day's receipts, takes notes on which types of flowers sell more and can be remotely accessed through any outside telephone line by the owner.

Floral Vending Machines as a Great Business Opportunity

Many companies, like hospitals and airports, are constantly searching for new forms of income and will jump at the chance of doing business with a florist willing to set up a floral vending machine in their company space. And florists, knowing that these types of high-traffic businesses are opened 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, will appreciate. By sharing the profits of these machines, everyone wins.

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