Food Vending Machines

Written by James Bruce
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Far more complicated than your typical vending machine, food machines are a pretty big investment. However, when properly stocked, especially in an office environment where people might not want to leave for lunch, they can be a great source of profit.

The Cold Side Cold. . .

Inside the food vending machine is a coil, and it is this coil that keeps items like pre-made sandwiches or beverages cold. Two key parts are the unit controlling condensation, and the temperature gauge, without which you would suffer spoils. These machines require more upkeep than a candy machine would. Because different foods may require different temperatures, some food machines may be limited in what they can offer, which leads nicely into the next topic.

Some of the newer machines give you the ability to have levels of cold, in much the same way that your refrigerator/freezer works at home. With these machines you can have warm foods, like cookies for example, on the bottom, and things like cheese or a sandwich on the top. While this technology is relatively new, at this point you can find them refurbished, so you don't have to buy a brand new unit, though if you can, you probably should, since you get a factory warranty and the very latest technology.

A food vending machine can be a great money maker, but it comes with more responsibility than other vending machines. The government has very strict rules about food service, and these rules apply to vended products as well. Food sold past the date when it's considered safe is a hazard, and it can open you up to liability, so it's not an issue to take lightly.

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