How To Start A Vending Machine Business

Written by James Bruce
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A Google search of the vending machine business will give you quite a few hits, primarily from people looking to sell you machines. Buying a machine is actually a very small part of what you'll need to do to be successful. There are expert resources you can turn to, in the meantime, here are some tips you should find helpful.

Getting Your Vending Machine Business Vending

First, have an idea going in where you might like to place a machine, and what kind of products you might like to sell. "Candy" is not specific enough, so get down to brass tacks. Name brand candy can have a tighter profit margin, but no-name candy might not have the appeal, so these are the business decisions you need to make.

Your first machine, especially if you aren't going to have a lot of machines right away, should be versatile so you have product options. Some machines are designed to hold specific products, and those products might not be the ones you can sell well. The versatile machine may cost a little more, but in the long run it is a better business decision.

From day one you need to have a plan for restocking and for rotation. Rotation is critical, because you want to offer products that are fresh and appealing. Not only will it help sales, but actually, it's the law. Offering products out of date can open you up to liability.

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