New Vending Machines

Written by Liza Hartung
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We can talk about new vending machines in a couple ways. One is that they aren't used. You are buying a fresh product. Another way is that they have new features that haven't been seen before. Sure, vending machines tend to keep the same general look over time, but they have features that make them easier for the consumer and the owner. What you want to spend and what kind of time you want to put in will determine what you get.

There are some very fun and crowd-attracting new vending machines these days. You can find futuristic machines that look like they could be part of the Jetson's world. There are also some machines shaped like rockets. For machines that will get noticed no matter where they are, try ones that look like pinball machines or foosball tables. This would be a great idea in an arcade.

When you really want to ensure that people will take note of your machine, invest in giant new vending machines. These are over six and a half feet tall and hold 20,000 one-inch gumballs. Talk about rarely having to go refill your machine! When you want to make money in the vending world, you have to have your machines stand out. Candy and gum machines are all over the place. Why would people use yours? You have to have a game plan.

New Vending Machines for Your Profit

Before you go and invest in some vending machines, start scoping out the hot places. Look for where people are all the time. Look for where vending machines are. You want to put yours in places that need vending machines. You want to put yours in high traffic areas. You need to be able to estimate your sales from local employees and other traffic flow. To be able to do this accurately will allow you to make the most of your business.

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