Snack Vending Machines

Written by James Bruce
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You have a lot of options when choosing snack vending machines for your business, but not all machines are equal. The machine you buy impacts the products you offer, and the products you offer impact the sales you can make. As you search for the right snack vending machines for your business, here are some buyer tips to consider.

Warning Signs

Let's say you find a deal for a very cheap machine, and that the deal includes some specific products for you to sell. In some cases, the reason the machine is so cheap is that it has been designed to only hold those snacks. In other words, you are automatically obliged to buy from only this supply company, and you can't offer any other products if your sales are lax, because they won't work in your machine.

You will sometimes find pretty old machines for sale, sometimes for as cheap as $100. That's a good price, but you have to ask yourself why it's being sold at such a low cost. Sometimes it's simply because the machines are outdated to the point that they can't compete. For example, some of the older machines were a lot easier to get free products out of, and some of them have limited change making ability.

The new technology is great, but even then a word of caution is in order. You can get a giant machine, with fancy lights and an LCD display, but have a clear idea about the space you are putting it in and the power requirements. As you build your business, it may make more sense to start with a simple machine with fewer maintenance requirements.

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