Sticker Machines

Written by Liza Hartung
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What is it about sticker machines that is so much fun? Is it that you can instantly stick the product to your clothing? Is it that the stickers pop up in the most unexpected places? Alternatively, is it that you can find stickers you didn't even know existed? People use sticker machines for all different reasons. Parents use them as a reward for their children being good. Some parents prefer these to candy and gum machines because they aren't an unhealthy snack.

When you are starting your own vending machine business, you don't just want to get sticker machines. Although they bring in money, they are not as popular as gum and candy. However, they are excellent to place next to your other machines. They provide an alternative to the sugar treats. A varied grouping of machines will attract the consumer's attention.

When you provide a variety of vending choices, you hit on a bigger range of likes. When people see what they like, and they only need to spend a dollar or less, they will most likely do so. This then results in more money for you. You will have to spend more money on the various machines, so make sure you have made a good estimate of the money you will make.

Time Saving Sticker Machines

If you have a little extra cash when starting your business, you might want to invest in higher-end machines. These have a higher sticker capacity than usual. They also have more tamper-proof features and a dual locking system. These systems allow you to access the product area and the cash box area separately. This is a great idea for busy locations.

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