Sticker Making Machines

Written by Liza Hartung
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Sticker making machines are perfect for kids who want to bring life to their school supplies. Sure, you can get colorful binders and notepads at an office supply store. Isn't it more fun, though, for kids to customize their stuff with the colors, shapes, and characters they like? Kids can put their favorite cartoon characters, sports teams or other fun shapes on books, binders and notepads. When decorating books, just make sure the book is covered with a paper bag or other removable cover.

It's fun to add a little at a time. That way, kids can show off their new stickers as the days go by. Plus, a new sticker or two can encourage reading and homework by making school supplies look more enticing. You can find sticker making machines at malls, drug stores, places like Wal-Mart and Target and more. Kids who have great collections can also find stickers in these machines that you won't find sitting on the shelves in stores.

If you are in the business of vending machines, place sticker making machines where you know children will be. They are your target consumer. When adults buy them, it is usually for children. You have to be smart about placement. You have to be smart about marketing. You have to know how to calculate your net and your return on your investment.

The Business of Sticker Making Machines

Paired with candy and gum machines, you can do pretty well with sticker machines. To get the most out of them, invest in ones that have some of the newer technology. Two columns are better than one because you can fit more options in the machine. You can also have two sticker machines side by side. Get a machine that has a high capacity for the product. That way, you don't have to make as many trips to refill it.

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