Sticker Vending Machines

Written by Liza Hartung
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Sticker vending machines have a great allure for children and teenagers. I'm in my mid-twenties and I still love stickers. In fact, I have a little collection that I use to spice up letters, cards and envelopes. They add personality. It's always more fun to get a card in the mail that has colorful stickers all over than just a plain white one. I had a roommate in college who had stickers all around her computer monitor. She loved it.

I have seen stickers on lampshades, notebooks, pencil holders, book bags, desks, walls, you name it. The fun thing about sticker machines is that you can find stickers there that aren't necessarily on the shelves in stores. You will come across a great array of stickers. You will see Garfield next to Harley Davidson next to bunches of fruit. When you are the owner of sticker vending machines, you will want to provide this kind of variety.

Kinds of Sticker Vending Machines

You can get your basic sticker machines, and they will work just fine. They are small. They tend to have the kind of coin mechanism that you see in laundromats. They generally use the kind where you put your quarters on a sliding piece of metal and then you slide the metal into the machine. After that, out pop your stickers!

If you find a place that you think will do great with sticker sales, such as somewhere that has a lot of youth traffic, you might want to go with the highest quality (and most expensive) sticker vending machines. With these, you can hold the most amount of stickers. Also, the cash box is bigger than most. Not only that, you have two locks allowing separate access to the cash area and the product area. There are also machines that will accept the currencies of over 100 countries.

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