Vending Equipment Manufacturers

Written by Liza Hartung
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Have you ever wondered about vending equipment manufacturers? We see vending machines almost every day, almost everywhere we go. They are in food stores, department stores, malls, banks, drug stores, nail salons and more. There are now literally thousands of vending equipment manufacturers all over the world. Did you ever think about where it all began?

It's actually a lot longer ago than most of us probably imagined. In fact, the first vending-style machines were made in 215 BC. They were invented by a Greek mathematician named Hero. He used his machine to vend holy water in Egyptian temples. Can you imagine getting holy water from a vending machine? Something like that today would cause quite a stir! Luckily, vending moved to products that are more practical.

Continuing History of Vending Equipment Manufacturers

It wasn't until the 1880s when vending took a turn for the better. This is when the first coin-operated vending machine came about. It was in London, England and serviced people with postcards. Around the same time, a book-vending machine was introduced. The first gum vending machine was exposed in 1888 in the United States by the Thomas Adams Gum Company. It held Tutti-Frutti gum.

Because of those early beginnings, the world now boasts more vending equipment manufacturers than anyone cares to count, all working on new technologies to improve vending. Since it is such a big business, and easy for most anyone to get their hands on, there are many manufacturers that are only out to get your money. However, they tend to stay just within the law. Do all your research before you settle on one company.

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