Vending Machine Locator

Written by Liza Hartung
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Before you ever thought about joining the vending business, you probably had no idea just how many machine types there were. Not only are there the typical machines that dispense food, personal goods and hot and cold drinks, there are machines for potentially any product short of heavy machinery. Picking the right seller is a big decision, because whatever machine you get, you're counting on it to function as your business.

Finding A Machine

Take a google tour of the net and you certainly don't have any problems finding vending machines, you will get hundreds of relevant hits. In some ways this is worse, because now you have to sift through the garbage to get to the gold. Here are some amazingly simple tips, that can help you avoid getting a bad deal on a vending machine.

If a dealer's primary pitch is about how much money you can make in the business, it can be a distinct warning sign. You already know it's possible to make money, that's why you are getting the machine. They should be telling you the specifics of form and function. If that same pitch involves claims of exclusive regions, the warning bell should be very loud now, because such a claim is almost always unfounded, and even illegal based on fair trade laws.

There are dealers who sell machines and then they are simply gone, so if something breaks, it's all on you, with no support system. The easiest way to circumvent this problem is to go straight through the manufacturer. Of course you may want a used machine, and a manufacturer may not offer them. In that case, research the dealer's history, to see that this is a company that has been around, operating with integrity.

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