Vending Machine Products

Written by Liza Hartung
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Perhaps the most fun you can have with a vending machine business is to pick out the vending machine products. Before you purchase your equipment, you will need to decide what kinds of products you want to sell. You can't very well get a snack machine and then decide that you want to sell gumballs. In general, gumball, candy, sticker and toy machines are easier to deal with than snack and soda machines.

In order to make the most profit, you will want to vary your vending machine products. In one area, you might want to put gumballs, candy, nuts and stickers. That has a little something for everyone. If you only offer peanut M&Ms, you probably won't see much money. Sure, some people will buy them, but others will be allergic to peanuts and others won't want sugar. For these people, you want to be able to offer something else.

Flavors, Colors and Shapes of Vending Machine Products

Once you have made your decision as to what you are going to sell, you have the very fun task of choosing flavors. Be careful, though, because you might end up eating most of this yummy stuff! You will want to cater your vending machine products to the kinds of people who will be passing by. If your machines are in a mall or some place where the crowd is very mixed, just put out a large variety.

However, if you know mainly children will be passing your machines, you want to cater to them. Put out mouth-watering flavors like soda fountain gum, tropical or strawberry shortcake. You can also greatly entice children with neat and interesting designs. You can find multi-colored gum, gum that looks like sports balls, gum decorated like eyeballs and even gum that tells your horoscope. For a more adult crowd, go with the basics, or throw in something like gourmet mints.

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