Vending Machine Suppliers

Written by James Bruce
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There's a little trick in the vending machine industry, and if you are new and don't know the trick, it can cause you problems of the fiscal variety. Some companies sell or lease machines at a very cheap price, but they do so with a particular incentive. The machines they sell will only hold products they manufacture, so if the products don't sell well, you're stuck with a nearly useless machine.

The Right Suppliers

The way it works is simple: The company designs an oddly shaped product package system, and a machine that only holds that product. It's a simple reality of the vending game, and it's also very simple to avoid. If the product and the machine are sold together, it's a warning sign.

The top machines are made by manufacturers who don't make products, they just make vending machines, of all types. They may have a partnership with a product source, that only makes good business sense, but their machines will hold many products. Typically these are the kinds of machines that can be loaded one at a time, instead of all at once with some cardboard device.

Of course there are exceptions, such as particular coffee machines, where the machine and the product are naturally tied together. As you look through your options in new, refurbished and used machines, you'll see a lot of these variations, and some of them may be right for you. Remember though, if you buy a machine that only holds a particular product, your business is now tied to the success of that other business, and that's not the best set-up for you.

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