Vending Machines

Written by Liza Hartung
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Have you ever gone looking for vending machines and not been able to find any? This is rare, but it does happen. It happened to me the other day. I was at a night class. I hadn't had much time between lunch (which had been a long time ago) and the start of class to eat. We were in a big office building so I thought surely there would be a vending machine. I asked all sorts of people. Then I went on a little hunt of my own and came up with nothing.

It is this kind of situation that people in the vending machine business need to take advantage of. Look for places where people are craving vending machines and then put one there. Look for places where people have to run across the street to grab a bite to eat. When you start a vending machine business, you can't just put your machines in locations that are convenient to you, at least, not if you want to make any money.

Reconnaissance for Vending Machines

It is very important when starting your business that you are able to estimate your sales from employees and other traffic. Don't worry if you don't know how to do this at first. You can find plenty of books on the subject. In fact, before you go invest in anything, invest in a book, preferably by someone who has years of experience with vending machines.

You can get your machine in all sorts of sizes and colors. You can also place them in groupings of your choice. It is a good idea to keep your machines in a small, compact area. Most of the places you will be approaching regarding space for your machines will not have much to spare. Pick high traffic areas. You will get more business that way.

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