Vintage Vending

Written by James Bruce
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The vending machine business could be considered a niche market, with many little companies driving a unique industry. If that's the case, then vintage vending is a niche market wrapped in a niche market, with a unique twist on the vending machine. These are retro machines that make sales not just based on the product, but on the nostalgia these machines bring to the surface.

Going Back

You can find a Coke machine pretty much anywhere, but what you find very rarely is the classic glass bottle machine. Restored to pristine glory, the front glass door opens, giving the customer a product they remember fondly, in a way they remember fondly as well. Even the lettering on the machine is from a time long gone by.

The big, fat and round gum ball machine was a thing of the past, now it's a thing of the present. Gum is gum, so presentation is a big part of making that impulse sale, and restored machines, or new machines built to look classic, are a pretty good gimmick. Easy to transport, these classic looking gumball machines have a distinct kitsch value.

Of course if you want vintage, it's hard to miss vending machines that sell your future. Restored carnival vending machines that offer a fortune for a quarter, are a fun addition to a vending business. None of these machines are cheap, but if you are looking to add a little sparkle to your vending outfit, they are a good investment.

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