Wolesale Vending Machines

Written by Liza Hartung
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There are a number of companies offering wholesale vending machines, and some will even help you with getting started. You have a lot of choices in this business, from simple gum machines to full food and drink machines, so it's good to know the kinds of machines you'll be looking at. Your choices will be to get a new machine, a refurbished machine, or a used machine.

About Wholesale Vending Machines

New machines are by far the best bet, because you'll be getting the benefit of the latest technology. Repairs tend to be fewer, and they are also cheaper, because replacement parts for new machines are cheaper, and you'll be under warranty. Depending upon what kind of vending machine you are getting, it can run from between $500 to $5,000.

A refurbished machine is a good alternative to a new machine, because it can cost 60 percent less than a new machine. Many refurbished machines either come with some of the factory warranty remaining, or an extended warranty offered by the dealer. When you buy a refurbished machine, the warranty is only as good as the dealer, so take a look at the company history.

Finally, a used machine is one that is generally sold as-is, with no warranty at all. Repairs on an older machine can be quite a bit more expensive, because replacement parts may be rare, and repairs may be more often. However, it can be tempting because the machine itself can sometimes be as cheap as $100.

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