Computer Skills Training

    Although computers are an essential part of many people's lives, there are still plenty of people, both old and young, who have no experience using them. Many adults have always worked in fields that do not require technical expertise. Some kids do not have access to computers at home. Fortunately, many schools and businesses offer computer skills training for true beginners--courses that make no assumptions about what people already know.

    Basic Computer Skills Education: Start Simple

    The most elementary classes include instruction on how to operate a mouse. While operating a mouse may seem like second nature to people who are already comfortable with computers, it is something everyone has to learn before pursuing more advanced topics. After people learn how to point, click, and drag, they can receive instruction on Microsoft Windows basics, and then learn the terminology of computers.

    Introductory classes provide a solid foundation on which people can build. Once a few basic courses have been completed, students begin to feel more comfortable operating a PC. They can then begin learning office skills, like document creation, preparing spreadsheets, and internet research. Someone who does not know the basics will find it very difficult to master these tasks.

    It can be intimidating for a complete novice to ask someone else for basic computer skills training. Most people don't even know how to teach the fundamentals. For example, I type 50 words per minute, but I can't explain how I do it. I just type. I would, however, have no idea how to teach the skill to someone else. The premier computer schools dissect the complicated world of computers into very simple, understandable steps. It doesn't take long for someone who's completely inexperienced to become a dependable computer operator.