Computer Routers

    Computer routers are pieces of hardware that are used to connect two or more computers to each other, forming a network. There are a variety of types of networks, the two most common being the LAN, or local area network, and WAN, or wide area network. A LAN is commonly used by small businesses, colleges, and even home users who want to link two or more computers. A WAN is a connection over a large area using many computers. The most obvious and largest WAN is the Internet.

    By using a computer router to set up a network, you enable all the computers that are connected to the network to share files and resources. All of the computers on a network can access the Internet using a single IP address. A print server, an easy-to-install network adapter, can be used to allow all of the computers on one network to share a single printer.

    With the computer router becoming commonplace at malls and online shopping centers, home and small business networks are becoming more popular. Most new computers are readily adaptable to either a hard wired or wireless router. Built-in firewall protection makes opening your computer up to a network safer than in years past.

    There are many benefits to setting up a local area network. Whether your goal is to connect the desktop and laptop in your house to share an internet connection and printer or set up a file sharing system in your small business, computer networking is becoming the next must-do to remain current in the ever-changing IT world.