PC V000

    Lian Li makes some great PC cases, and the PC V1000 is no exception. In many ways, actually, the PC V1000 is revolutionary. From an exterior standpoint it has been compared to the Apple G5 case; inside it is very different from the average PC case as well. Let's take a look at some of the things that set the PC V1000 apart.

    Features of the PC V1000

    The PC V1000 features a very cool looking "mesh" design on the front end, which basically means its aluminum casing has punched vent holes in it that you can almost see through. This design allows for great ventilation, but it also makes the PC V1000 look very cool and industrial. Painted black, the PC V1000 looks great with its complementary stainless steel buttons and rolling casters.

    Inside the PC V1000 is where things literally go upside-down. Unlike almost any other PC case, the PC V1000 features an inverted motherboard mounting. This means the power supply is at the bottom of the unit, and the expansion slots are in the top rear. Reviewers have wondered a bit why Lian Li decided to switch things around, but they do feel that this setup leads to less clutter and easier accessibility.

    The PC V1000 also features a unique, rounded top end. The vent holes on the front of the unit extend over this rounded edge, giving the case a very sleek look. If you're looking for a case that's quiet, attractive and cutting-edge, the PC V1000 makes a great choice.