Hard drive recycling

    Each year, as new advances in computer technology increase hard drive speed, capacity, and reliability, older hard drives find their way into trash dumps everywhere. According to industry research, only about 11 percent of desktop computers are recycled or refurbished. That translates into millions of computers thrown into landfills or otherwise disposed of improperly. The numbers are staggering, to say the least, and the environmental implications are very serious.

    Benefits of Hard Drive Recycling

    Recycling used hard drives and other computer equipment offers many benefits to society. By recycling hard drives, our environment suffers less consequences. In addition, donating hard drives to individuals and organizations not only helps the environment, but can dramatically help those in dire need of computer equipment at the same time. Organizations that may need donated computer equipment include, but are not limited to, schools, homeless shelters, churches, and even business start ups. Often donating computer equipment has tax benefits as well.

    Before recycling hard drives, be sure to thoroughly erase your used hard drives of all sensitive data. Important data such as financial records, photos, personal and business records, address books, and email history are still recoverable even after you have deleted the files and reformatted the hard drive. Leaving this sort of sensitive information on your drives can leave individuals and companies vulnerable to numerous dangers, including identify theft. To avoid these dangers, make sure your hard drives are wiped clean of all data, using software specifically designed for this purpose or the services of a professional computer technician.

    Seriously consider hard drive recycling in lieu of throwing your drives in the trash. Hard drive recycling is a win/win situation for individuals and companies seeking to discard their used hard drives, as well as society as a whole. Take part in protecting our environment by choosing to recycle your unwanted hard drives.