Collaboration Software

Written by Linda Alexander
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While face to face meetings can never be replaced, groupware (also called collaboration software) is making it easier and less expensive than ever for people to work on projects from remote locations. Your company might have expanded across the country or the world and that can mean added travel expenses. You can reduce these costs by implementing web conferencing.

Finally: Useful Collaboration Software

Web conferencing is finally coming into its own. It is now of high enough quality and offers enough features for companies to take it seriously. Whether you're a small or large business doesn't matter. There are software applications for every budget, from hosted services to server-based applications.

Many companies use collaboration software to track projects, share documents, draw diagrams and show presentations in real time. You can also conduct seminars, train employees, and even host sales presentations with qualified prospects and customers. You can share different types of files, send instant messages, ask questions, and talk on the phone to other participants all at the same time.

Another use for web conferencing software is for actual conferences and seminars. Instead of having attendees fly to one location from around the world, they can simply log into your web-based conference. Online education is a big thing and it's only growing larger as the need for valuable training grows. Take advantage of the many different features and uses of groupware and see what a difference it makes at your workplace.

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