Groupware Applications

Written by Linda Alexander
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Groupware is one of the most useful applications of internet technology. It facilitates some of the best communications between employees and prospects as well as trainers, board executives and seminar participants. It's just like a live meeting except it is much more cost effective.

Virtual and In-Person Meetings

When using groupware for online meetings, think about how you like to run in-person meetings. For example, you should be off to a quick start just as you would be in person. Don't keep people waiting for you to introduce the presenters. Keep the whole presentation to no longer than 90 minutes with only three or four key messages.

There are so many features available with today's software that it's easy to get caught up like a kid in a candy store. If you are new to web conferencing, you should stick to the basics until you get used to the software and to running meetings online. Save the fancy stuff for later, when you have a true need for it and you are more familiar with it.

In the beginning, you should use the telephone for the audio part of your conference. It's a medium that everyone is familiar with and it will be easy for those who are new to web collaboration to ask questions if they have technical trouble. Gradually, you can start using internet audio instead of the telephone and further reduce your costs.

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