Online Conferencing

Written by Linda Alexander
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Online conferencing allows two or more people to meet over the Web in order to share information. It's a "virtual meeting" that allows people to collaborate online. Sometimes this is done with proprietary software and other times it's done through a company that provides web conferencing services. Then people can use their web browsers to join the conference.

Web conferencing allows participants to share documents and applications with the other participants in real time. They can share slide presentations, word processing documents, spreadsheets, or any other computer files that participants want to share with the other users. Conferencing virtually instead of meeting in person saves companies a lot of money in lost work time, travel expenses and travel time.

Uses for Online Meetings

One of the best applications of conferencing online is training. Because the conferencing software allows participants to control each other's computers, a trainer or help desk support person can physically show things on somebody else's computer without having to be there in person. Data, text, voice, video and sound can all be streamed through a live web conference.

Virtual conferences are frequently held in conjunction with standard conference calls. This is because voiceover IP technology has not been perfected yet. However, it's getting better all the time and soon the quality will surpass that of telephones. Then web conferencing capabilities and popularity will grow even further.

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