Web Collaboration

Written by Linda Alexander
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Wouldn't it be nice if your company could save thousands of dollars a year on travel expenses? Web conferencing allows people to "meet" in cyberspace and work together on projects. Any number of people can participate in the meeting from different locations. Not only does it save money, it also saves time from not having to travel.

Web collaboration keeps your employees less stressed out and more productive. Instead of traveling across the globe week after week for two-hour meetings, they can now meet with others at their desktops. There is proprietary web collaboration software available, or you can use the services of a web conferencing company.

Some software allows users to see everything through a web browser while others require that everybody have the same software. Collaborating on the Web might involve text messages, graphics, slide presentations, file sharing, and voice capabilities. Often, visual conferences are held at the same time that everybody gets on the phone for a conference call.

Length of Sessions

Web conferences work best when they are between 60 and 90 minutes. That is about how long everyone's attention spans will last and how long people can stay productive in one sitting. In addition to meetings, virtual conferencing technology is also used for training and education as well as help desk support.

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