2 Port Kvm Switches

Written by James McLean
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Two-port KVM switches are probably the most common variety of these clever hardware machines. Because most people don't even keep more than one computer set up in the home with internet access, it is rare to find users who have a constant need for three at the same desk. Two is often a nice compromise because users who want to hang onto an older machine don't have to throw it out just yet.

Keyboard, video and mouse switches do exactly what it sounds like: switch your components over to another computer without having to unplug anything. If you have ever been to an audio specialist and watched the salesperson switch speaker sets without having to climb behind the components, you have already seen this kind of technology in action. Major manufacturers like Belkin have upped the ante by providing the same convenience for your home computer.

One Screen, Two CPUs

Of course toggling between Windows machines is only part of the benefit. The best KVM switches also support multiple operating systems, meaning you can buy a Mac Mini and transition seamlessly between XP and OSX with the touch of a button. When you don't have to move any wires, it suddenly gets a lot easier to be a cross-platform convert.

There are a number of good reasons to buy 2-port KVM switches, but probably the best is convenience. If you are tired of crawling around in the dark and rebooting new machines every time you want to retrieve an older file, you may be astonished to discover just how much time these devices can save. The best of them are available inexpensively from a number of high-end technology sites.

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