4 Port Kvm Switches

Written by James McLean
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Four-port KVM switches are products designed for serious computer geeks. Instead of a single computer running throughout the day, you can toggle among four by using one of these switch boxes. You use the same mouse, same keyboard and same monitor, but gain access to whole different worlds of computing every time you switch among them.

Why use a KVM switch? Many of us own more than one computer, and a growing number of students and professionals maintain three or more. The simple fact is that computers have become so common that they can be inexpensively purchased and dedicated to specific tasks such as storage or photo editing. When you diversify, you have more ways to attack the many endeavors that cross your desk on a daily basis.

Smarter Switching

The best KVM switches use all the fastest ports in modern computing, from USB 2.1 jacks to DVI video for that flat panel monitor. Some are even backward compatible with PS/2 keyboard connections like you used to have on your first computers. It all adds up to a robust platform that can handle any machine seamlessly and save you countless hours in redundant setup time.

We don't just use computers for crunching numbers anymore, and many users these days find themselves wishing they could add a cheaper machine without all the sweat. KVM switches can handle up to four separate machines without difficulty or hardware delays. If you want ready access to every computer in your home, it may be useful to check out the new ways to make your desk a cockpit.

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