8 Port Kvm Switches

Written by James McLean
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Keyboard, video and mouse switches have become increasingly popular over the last few years, propelled in no small part by the plummeting prices of the computers themselves. These days you can get an entry-level PC or Mac Mini for around $500, no peripherals included. Thankfully these machines can be made to work with whatever screen and mouse you have available.

The only remaining problem is switching from one to the other. No one likes crawling around in the dust and tilting those fragile towers into the light for a better look at the inputs on the back. TVs and stereos have switching technology that lets you keep everything plugged in at all times. It didn't take long for a number of innovate engineers to ask: why not computers?

Powerhouse Hubs

The result was KVM switches, the intelligent hubs that route all your hardware through a single set of I/O devices. The most powerful of these are the 8-port variety, made to toggle seamlessly among eight different machines. That means whether you are a graphics maven or simply a computer enthusiast, you have ready access to every machine in the home from the same comfortable chair.

There are better ways to own multiple computers, and KVM switches represent one of the most popular. DVI inputs, USB 2.0 jacks and more make the current crop of hardware as advanced as any modern computer, so this might be a good time to do some research into this exploding market. The right product can save you immeasurable frustration over months when you might otherwise be crawling around in the dark.

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