Apple Computers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Apple computers have always been renowned for their sleek styling, their user-friendly operating system and their cutting edge technology. It seems that Apple knows what consumers want just before they want it. Whether you want a tiny compact desktop, a big powerful desktop, or one of the many sizes of portables, Apple has what you're looking for.

The Mac Mini

The Mac Mini, a relatively new introduction into the Apple line, is only 6-1⁄2 inches square and 2 inches high, yet has full desktop capabilities. It comes in two models, one with 1.25 GHz and 40 GB, the other with 1.42 GHz and 80 GB. These run $499 and $599, respectively. Both models include a combo drive, video memory, ethernet and a 56 K modem. Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme are optional.

At the other extreme is the Power Mac, which at its high end delivers a dual 2.5 GHz PowerPC. That will cost you $2,999, but Power Macs start at $1,499. The new 64-bit processor can support up to 8 GB of main memory, which quadruples the capacity of most PCs. All Power Macs come with a SuperDrive, which allows you to burn both CDs and DVDs.

There are also three versions of the i-Book and five versions of the PowerBook, with screens ranging up to 17 inches. These portables start at $999 and range up to $2,699. PowerBooks have a unique feature called the Sudden Motion Sensor, which instantly parks the hard drive heads if you drop them, lessening the risk of scratching or damaging the disks.

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