Bga Rework

Written by Jarret Ewanek
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If you're in need of BGA rework or replacement, you're not alone. Innovations in design and engineering often require upgrades and revisions. No matter if you want to replace the entire package or you just want to repair your current package, you can find a number of qualified technicians to help you get your electronic systems up and running again in no time.

If you're in the electronic assembly business, you know how important it is to get your products to consumers as quickly as possible. In this day and age, a new product can become obsolete in just a short amount of time. The more time you spend waiting for your products to receive repairs and rework, the more money you lose. This is one of the main reasons for outsourcing your rework needs. If your systems are backed up, you simply can't afford to wait to get your products to retailers.

The BGA Rework Process

One of the most common repairs for ball grid array packages is a process called "reballing." In this process a technician replaces damaged or fractured solder balls with new fitted balls. The technician first uses a vacuum device to remove the package from the printed circuit board. It's very important to work with a trained technician who uses certified equipment in this process. You simply can't afford to compromise the integrity of these information systems by working with the wrong equipment or technician.

Once the package has been removed new balls are placed on the pads, and the entire package is placed under an infrared lamp. The package then cools and the solder balls stick in place. Once the rework is complete it's important to make sure the work meets IPC inspection standards.

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