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Written by Charles Peacock
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Computer building has certainly reached a new level in terms of customization and artistry, and I doubt it's going to slow down any time soon. People who build their own computers seem to take their projects as seriously as street racing enthusiasts with their hot rods. In fact, it's hard to decide which machines have the cooler mods these days: computers or cars.

Unusual PC Mods

As far as I can tell, the PC mod craze began with sleek-looking cases. One of the disadvantages of building your own computer used to be that it never looked as good on the outside as pre-fab models by HP, Dell or Apple. Those days are long gone. Today, you can find PC cases that look like they've were imported from the Starship Enterprise, replete with neon lights, flashing diodes and water-cooled interiors.

An interesting sub-sect of the PC mod world is the mini-PC. Mini-PCs are basically computers jammed into the smallest possible case. They typically require special parts and expensive cooling systems because of their ridiculously compact design. The benefit is that mini-PCs take up very little space and look a lot cooler than almost any full-sized PC.

If there's one thing I'm still waiting for in the world of PC mod possibilities, it's the "old school" PC case. Several designers have begun to build powerful computers inside old computer or electronic cases, but the trend has yet to really take off. I can't wait for the day when I can get an expensive, powerful PC mounted inside an original Atari 2600 case. Now that would be cool.

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