Case Accessories

Written by Charles Peacock
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Building your own PC offers a lot of possibilities--in some case too many possibilities. It's hard enough to decide which hard drive or DVD drive to buy, but putting a computer together from scratch means you have pick literally dozens of different parts from the cables to the case itself. But of course this is the guilty pleasure of computer building: being able to customize your system exactly to your own taste and needs.

Fun and Useful PC Accessories

Any good home-built PC needs fundamental parts like a quality hard drive, a motherboard, a processor and a media drive or two. But once you've chosen all the main pieces for your computer puzzle, there are quite a few options out there that can give your unit a sense of individuality. Some of these add-ons are more useful than others, but they can all make putting together a system a lot more fun.

In the "completely useless but really cool" category, you have things like clear neon-lit cases and decorative diodes. These parts can get quite expensive, but if you're serious about the look of your computer they're the only way to go. And why not? People constantly shop for electronics based on look as much as function, so making your home-built PC look cool isn't really that unusual.

There are also quite a few useful accessories out there that you'll be glad you bought if you decide to splurge on a few. Easy-swap drive bays are a great example--they make it vastly easier to insert and remove drives and can save you a lot of headaches. Front-side cable and media card inputs are also a great idea for anyone who can't stand blindly feeling around for a USB input on the back of the PC case.

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