Case Edge

Written by Charles Peacock
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Picking out a PC case is a crucial part of building your own computer. It's the one part that you're least likely to replace, so it's a good idea to find one that you'll be happy with for the life of your PC. When choosing a PC case, your three main concerns should be design, interface and expandability.

Choosing a CasEdge PC Case

CasEdge has long been one of the leading manufacturers of cutting-edge PC cases. The company has been bought by Foxconn, although Foxconn continues to manufacture all the popular CasEdge models. This is good news for anyone who has admired CasEdge's industry-leading design and features.

CasEdge cases come in many different varieties, and can accommodate both small and large budgets. Their low-end cases are surprisingly filled with features, with things like front-side USB connections and audio inputs. Usually with cheap cases you have to buy aftermarket add-ons to get these kinds of features.

CasEdge of course has a whole line of impressively-designed top-end cases that blow their cheaper models out of the water. The Diabolic "Minotaur" Mid ATX Gaming Tower, for instance, looks more like a medieval dragon than a computer, and has powerful features to boot. If you're looking for something slightly more conservative, there are several high-end models that are sleek but not obnoxious. Foxconn seems to have retained most of these models, although it remains to be seen where they will take the CasEdge brand in the future.

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