Case Fans

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A good method of cooling down your CPU is with the use of case fans. These fans bring cool air through the front of the case and then release the air out of the back side. Many major manufactures focus on this form of cooling system.

Good Air Flow

The purpose of this method is to hopefully generate a flow of cool air over all the computer components that are heating up. The problem with these case fans are cables, cords and other miscellaneous computer parts that prohibit the air from reaching all the crucial spots. You can deal with this issue yourself by installing separate fans in strategic places to ensure that every inch of the case is covered.

Many cases have built in fans. These fans are thermally controlled, which is to say when the case warms up, the fans automatically turn on. However, the one drawback to this system is that often times the built in fans are initiated from the power supply. So unless the power supply is hot, the fans will not recognize the heat in order to cool off the case.

Use the Web as a Resource

As mentioned above, you can remedy any areas where airflow is sparse. Simply purchase a few extra cooling fans and direct them to the places which require more air circulation. For a more detailed diagram of optimum airflow, do a little research on the Internet.

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