Cheap Computer Monitors

Written by Sarah Provost
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It wasn't long ago that when you bought a new computer system, the monitor was included as part of the package. That is rarely true today. One reason for this change is that there are so many more monitor options to choose from than there used to be. Unfortunately, the monitor is also one of the more expensive components of your system. Now that you have to make your own choice of a monitor, how can you optimize performance while keeping your cost down?

Choosing a Computer Monitor

Your computer monitor plays a significant role in your comfort and productivity. Screen size is important, of course, but there are several other factors to consider. Resolution, referring to the number of pixels on the screen, is one issue. Higher resolution may not always be the best choice. With more pixels, graphics are easier to view. If you're looking mostly at text, however, the higher resolution will make the text smaller.

Another issue to consider is whether you want a CRT or a flat panel display. This largely comes down to a choice between saving space and saving money. The CRT, or cathode ray tube monitor, needs space for a vacuum tube, so it is many times thicker than an LCD or liquid crystal display. The sleek look and space-saving qualities of the flat panel monitors is making them the new standard. That means that the price of CRTs will soon plummet. Look for them to show up in clearances at major brand sites.

Another source for cheap computer monitors would be online auction sites such as e-Bay. As people replace working CRTs with flat panels, those CRTs will show up at attractive prices. New and slightly used LCD monitors are also available, and your winning bid may be significantly lower than at merchant sites.

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