Cheap Computers

Written by Sarah Provost
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It seems hard to believe now, when 60 percent of American homes have at least one computer, but it wasn't so long ago that only the wealthy could afford to own one. As the technology becomes more and more sophisticated, it becomes easier every day to find a personal computer system at a very attractive price. But there are bargains to be had even beyond the lower list price of today's computers.

Do It Yourself Computers

If you have the expertise, for instance, you can build your own computer very inexpensively by buying separate parts and components and assembling them yourself. Not only does this approach save you money, but it also makes it possible for you to build exactly the computer you want and need, no more and no less. A slightly simpler alternative is to buy a bare-bones computer and customize it. A case and power supply can be had for as little as $65.

Buying a used or refurbished computer will also help you realize significant savings. Brand sites such as Dell and Gateway offer refurbished models of their own brands. There are also many, many independent sites that deal in used computers of all kinds.

Online auctions are another good source for cheap computers. Just as some people must have this year's car, technophiles trade up to newer equipment, leaving computers in perfect working order to be auctioned off to the lowest bidder. There are hundreds of excellent machines to choose from, so you have a very good chance of finding exactly what you want.

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