Cheap Mp3 Players

Written by Sarah Provost
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MP3 players are small, portable devices that can play digitally compressed music files with exceptional sound quality. Thousands of songs can be stored, creating a portable jukebox small enough to hang around your neck like a pendant. Since their beginnings in 1998, theses digital audio processors have become wildly popular.

That popularity, and the fact that many manufacturers are now producing them, makes the prices of MP3 players highly variable. Add these factors to the usual reduction of cost that any new technology undergoes, and you can buy MP3 players now at very attractive prices. The wide variation in pricing makes it especially important to do some online comparison shopping.

Flash Memory MP3 Players Cost Less

High-end MP3 players store files on a hard disk. There are, however, several excellent models which use flash memory. While that means that you can't store as many files, it also means that these retail for a good deal less than the typical iPod. Among the most highly recommended of these are the Rio Cali ($68-$80), the iRiver IFP 790 ($120-$160), the Creative MuVo TX-FM ($67- $110), and the Samsung YP-T5 ($100-$110.)

Comparison shopping becomes even more important if you want to go for the hard disk MP3 players. At certain sites, prices for an iPod Mini with 4 Gb of memory can range hundreds of dollars. A few minutes of research, as you can see, can save you more than 50 percent. That's an excellent return on your investment of time.

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