Cheap Notebook Computers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Notebook computers have come down in price to an astonishing extent in the last few years. Once confined to the wealthy and the technology-obsessed, notebooks are now within the reach of ordinary users. They can't do everything that a desktop can, and they still cost more than desktop systems, but notebooks are fast overtaking desktops in sales.

Buying Cheap Notebook Computers

If you don't need the absolute latest in technology, buying a refurbished notebook computer is the best way to save money. Many brand-name sites, such as Gateway and Dell, offer refurbished notebooks at deep discounts. There are also independent sites offering a variety of refurbished computers of differing brands. Warranties vary, so be sure to check what is offered.

If you want a more up-to-date piece of equipment, it's time to start searching the discount sites. There are hundreds of websites offering a wide range of discounts on new notebook computers. One good place to start is to check whether you are a member of a group that can buy at a discounted rate. Several sites offer discounts to veterans and active members of the military, for instance, and AARP offers computer discounts to their membership.

If you know exactly what brand and model you want, check the manufacturer's website frequently for specials. Comparison sites will show you offerings from many different merchants so you can efficiently compare their prices. Finally, online auctions such as eBay usually list hundreds of computers for you to bid on, both new and used.

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