Compaq Computers

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are three types of Compaq computers available for purchase online. Presario desktops, which come without monitors, range in price from approximately $360 for the SR1010V series to $520 for the SR1005T series. Presario laptops range from $650 for the M2000 series to $1,200 for the X6000 series. They also offer three categories of extreme gaming models, which range from $1,200 to $1,600. These prices are also without monitors.

Compaq Presario Desktops

The Presario SR1010V starter desktop is an inexpensive choice for basic word processing, e-mail and Web surfing. It has a Celeron processor and minimal digital audio capability. It is not recommended for digital photography and has no capability for video editing.

The next two series, the SR100Z and the SR 1010Z, have Athlon processors and can minimally support Photoshop and video editing. The 1010Z is a better choice for those interested in digital photography. Only the high-end desktop has a Pentium 4 processor. It also has four DIMM slots for expansion to 3GB memory.

Digital audio, video editing, and graphics applications are not strong in the lower-end notebook computers, but one doesn't really expect them to be. The X6000, R200Z and even the R300T, however, have impressive capabilities. Screen sizes range from 14 to 17 inches. The X6000 and the R300T have Pentium 4 processors, and all models have available integrated wireless options. A visit to their website will allow you to compare all models of both desktops and laptops on convenient and easy to use tables.

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