Computer Armoires

Written by Sarah Provost
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Computer armoires are the perfect solution for home computer storage. Whether your profession involves working from home or you simply use your computer for e-mail and checking movie times, you need to keep your equipment organized. If you work from home, it's an added bonus to be able to close it away when working hours are done.

Choosing a Computer Armoire

Computer armoires come in a very wide range of styles, finishes and prices. They are also available from many outlets, from upscale furniture stores to discount superstores to office supply stores. You may, for instance, be willing to spend $2,000 for a large mahogany armoire that will grace your living room. Or you may want to spend $200 or less on an assemble-it-yourself basic armoire from IKEA or Staples that won't take up too much space in your dorm room.

Your first step in choosing an armoire is to decide where it's going to go. That decision will depend in part on what type of computer you have and how much you use it. If you have a desktop computer with a standard monitor, you'll need a lot more room than if you just want a place to keep your laptop. Consider a flat-screen monitor as a major space saver for your desktop computer.

Ergonomics are very important if you spend a lot of time at your computer. Be sure you can reach your CPU easily to access the disk drives. You should be able to easily adjust the height of your monitor, and there should be plenty of mouse space beside the keyboard shelf. Finally, choose a style that allows you room to spread out books and papers so that you can easily refer to them while at the computer.

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