Computer Businesses

Written by Sarah Provost
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In today's computer-driven society, information technology is so widespread that we are seeing a concomitant rise in the number of at-home computer businesses. The individual entrepreneur is no longer limited to a storefront, but can now reach around the globe and communicate instantaneously. Here are a few factors to consider if you are thinking about starting a computer business.

Many Different Skills Are Needed

First of all, be certain that you actually have all the skills you will need to run a successful computer business. In addition to the obvious--being able to assemble, sell, and service PCs--there are other necessary skills you may not have thought of. How are you at purchasing and controlling inventory? Do you have accounting skills in addition to technical aptitude? These financial skills are absolutely essential to a successful home business.

What about customer relations? Will you have the necessary "people" skills to handle difficult, demanding customers? Can you bring yourself to charge your usual service rate when a sweet elderly lady calls you out because the printer wasn't connected? Can you stir up business for yourself? How good are you at cold calling prospects and marketing yourself?

Time management, too, is crucial. It's all too easy to find yourself overextended, putting in too many hours to make any profit. Conversely, there are those who have trouble meeting deadlines, a practice that will not enhance your reputation. Remember, if you're going to work for yourself, you have to be both a good employee and a good boss.

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