Computer Case Lights

Written by Charles Peacock
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If you're looking to build a new computer, you have more options than ever before. These days, it seems like there almost as many cosmetic accessories for PCs as there are actually functional accessories. Things like clear cases and internal light systems make it easier than ever to design a truly unique-looking computer.

Adding Lights to Your PC

If you want your PC to be a real display piece, internal or external lights are an absolute necessity. Case lights are the most cutting-edge PC accessory on the market these days, and they're available in many different styles to accommodate any taste. The first decision you need to make is if you want internal or external lights.

Internal case lights allow you to see the entire contents of your PC's interior--which can be as useful as it is cool. Internal lights require some sort of transparent case if you want to show them off, but they can work just as well with a traditional metal case. You can see the light seeping out through the cracks in the case, and they'll also help you out quite a bit when you open up the case to perform upgrades.

External case lights are usually strictly cosmetic, although it is possible to buy external lights that have a purpose. Lights can be hooked up to help you monitor your PC's internal temperature, and they can also do things like help you find your USB or Firewire inputs. One of the neatest lights I've seen actually reacts to sound, pulsating to the music that's coming from your computer.

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