Computer Cases

Written by Charles Peacock
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Getting the right case is the key to putting together a great PC. Not only is the case the main design element of your computer; it also serves important functional purposes that can make your system--and future upgrades--run smoothly. I can tell you from personal experience that putting a lot of thought into which case you're going to buy will pay off in the long run.

Choosing Cases: Form, Function and Size

If you want to build a nice looking PC, most of the look will depend on which case you choose. Fortunately, cases are now available in a lot more shapes and colors than were available only a few years ago. Try to choose a case that features an eye-catching design that will keep you happy for a long time, since it's likely that you'll be looking at the thing every day for at least a year or two.

Extra features like switchable bays and front-side inputs are crucial features of any great PC case. I decided to save a few bucks on the last case I bought, and still regret the fact that I didn't purchase a more expensive model with more features. More often than not you'll find yourself upgrading the case with extra accessories that would have been available if you'd only spent a bit more when you originally bought a case.

Size is a crucial aspect of your PC case, and you should think long and hard about what you might be putting into the case in the future. If you don't foresee adding too many drives to your case you can go with a medium-sized model, but larger models are always a safe bet. Remember that once you've built your computer it's pretty difficult to take the whole thing apart and replace the case just because you don't have enough room for that extra DVD drive.

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