Computer Companies

Written by Sarah Provost
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What does the future look like for four of the top players in the computer world? From all reports, it appears that Apple is sitting at the top of the heap. Their iPod, of course, has been huge, and will carry the company for a good while, but they are still coming up with innovations in their regular computers. Their AirPort, for instance, looks like its going to make some real changes in the way we use wireless. They have also recently introduced the Mini Mac, a triumph of space-saving design, but it's too early to tell what effect that's going to have on their bottom line.

The future looks good for Dell, too. As the largest computer company in the world, Dell has been called the McDonalds of the industry. The comparison is apt, because Dell does extremely well within a limited range, and is not known for innovation. The company is solid and dependable and should continue to do well at what it does.

Gateway Merges with e-Machines

Gateway's future appears to be in flux. Their retail outlets, known as Country stores, were closed in 2004. But at the same time, they acquired e-Machines, one of the fastest-growing PC producers in the world. That merger makes Gateway the third largest PC company in the United States, with significant sales offshore as well.

HP also has undergone a merger in the last few years. In 2002, they merged with Compaq, the largest tech merger in history. HP has been steadily moving up the Fortune 500 rankings, to number 11 in 2004. There has been a lot of controversy around CEO Carly Fiorina, though, and many observers feel that while HP is doing well right now, they need to develop a sharper focus to keep the company on target.

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