Computer Education

Written by Sarah Provost
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No matter what level of computer education you are looking for, you'll be able to find resources online, in your community, or at local colleges and training institutes. You might be a senior citizen who just wants to learn how to e-mail your granddaughter at college, or you may want to prepare yourself for a career in information technology. There are courses available to help you meet these goals and any in between.

For the most basic computer training, check your local community. Libraries and senior citizen centers often offer beginning and intermediate courses at little or no charge. You can find a wider variety of courses offered in the continuing education divisions of your local high schools, community colleges and some colleges.

Online Courses for Intermediate Computer Education

If you have basic skills, consider taking online courses. There are hundreds of these courses offered, where you can learn anything from how to use MS Office to advanced operating systems and even game construction. If you are learning new skills for your career rather than for personal use, be certain that the online course you're considering is accredited and offers a valid certificate.

If you are considering IT as a career, your best bet is probably to attend classes at a hands-on college or university. There you will be able to learn advanced skills in a professional atmosphere. These days, almost all institutes of higher learning offer a curriculum in computer education. IT is a fast-growing field of employment, so providing yourself with strong skills now will open up a vast range of opportunities for you.

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