Computer Leasing

Written by Sarah Provost
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Like leasing cars, leasing computers has become a popular option in recent years. Leasing computers for business installation or renting them for business travel or personal use can make your life easier and improve your bottom line. Here are a few of the reasons that leasing has increased in popularity.

Just as leasing a car allows you to upgrade more easily, leasing a computer lets you stay abreast of technological advances and upgrade your system as your needs evolve. With leased computers, you no longer have to make do with outdated equipment until your budget will allow replacement. This is especially important in larger businesses, where leasing many computers provides you with economies of scale.

There are other ways in which leasing can positively impact your finances. For one thing, it conserves your capital and frees your credit line for other expenses. Your monthly payments are predictable, and for most applications, tax deductible.

Renting Computers for Business Travel

Those who frequently travel on business appreciate the convenience of renting a computer at their destination rather than bringing one from home. Especially with today's heightened security, carrying a computer slows you down considerably. Furthermore, there is always the chance that your computer will be damaged in transit. If you are making a presentation, you might want to rent large-screen displays, for instance, or other technology that you don't need at the home office. Order your equipment ahead of time and have it delivered to your destination, and that's one less thing for a busy traveler to worry about.

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