Computer Mods

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Over the last few years computer mods or modifications have become increasingly popular. Initially the focus on this technology was the functionality, and the look and feel of PCs and other computer systems weren't a priority. As PCs played a more intricate roll in the lives of many technology specialists, the idea of case customization took off.

Customize Your PC

Today, people purchase computer mods as they do customized hubcaps or tinted windows for their car. PCs are starting to reflect the personality of their owners and finally straying from plain and boring beige CPU cases. This is great news for suppliers of computer mods.

Whether you're looking to upgrade to a clear acrylic CPU case or simply trying to spice up your cooling fan with a little color, the options for customization are endless. From cabling accessories to windows and heatsinks to thumbscrews, every part of a PC is customizable.

Beige is Bland

Don't settle for beige. Show your personality by buying some simple modification products for your CPU. You spend eight hours a day with your PC, why not make it something interesting to look at?

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