Computer Mounts

Written by Charles Peacock
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Despite standardized component sizes, putting a computer together can be like a complex jigsaw puzzle. Things generally fit where they're supposed to, but sometimes it's necessary to find the right screws or mounts to get everything sitting snugly. Cables and connections only complicated matters--with a limited amount of space inside your case, the guts of your computer can look as complex as those of the human body.

Using Mounts in Your Custom-Built PC

The best PC cases will come with virtually all of the necessary screws and mounts to add lot of components to your computer with ease. That said, you'll find when putting your computer together that everything doesn't always fit the way it seems it should. PC cards can be a little bit too wide, or maybe your motherboard seems to close to the case wall.

In cases like these (no pun intended) you can usually find mounting brackets that will help you get everything under control. Special brackets can help you do things like fit a 3.5 inch drive inside a 5.25 inch bay if you've already run out of smaller bays. They can also help you lift your motherboard up a bit if it's sitting too close to the side of the PC case (which can cause static and interfere with the processor).

Cable ties are also a great way to keep the inside of your PC organized. Since PCs have so many cables going in so many different directions, things can easily get tangled. Bundling and tying your cables will help you keep everything under control so it's easy to add and remove components quickly.

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