Computer Parts

Written by Sarah Provost
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There's an abundance of sites on the Web which sell computer parts and components. Now anyone who has a little technological skill can build their own custom computer, picking and choosing parts as they please. If you don't want to do it completely yourself, you can either buy a bare-bones computer and add to it, or buy a kit that walks you through building your own.

A bare-bones computer system has only the minimum components needed to make a computer operate and store data. These are a motherboard, case, hard drive, keyboard, mouse and monitor. Starting with this functional skeleton, you can add components and peripherals that will customize your computer to meet your needs.

A modem is a necessity if you want Internet access, and most people use a CD drive. From that point, you can tailor your computer to suit your preferred uses. If you want to play games, for instance, you will probably want a DVD drive. If you watch movies on your computer, you'll need the DVD and may also want a wide-aspect screen. If you use your computer to collect and listen to music, you'll want to upgrade your speakers.

Learning How to Assemble a Computer from Parts

Many of the sites that sell computer parts also offer instructions on how to assemble them. One site, for instance, lists each part you will need with an explanation of why you need it and what level of performance you will want for different functions. You can start from scratch with just a case and a power supply, and they will lead you step by step from there.

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