Computer Sales

Written by Sarah Provost
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Computer sales continue to increase after a slight dip early in 2004, though not at as rapid a pace as the jump from 2002 to 2003. Concerns about the market being saturated have been eased. Here are some statistics regarding the top sellers in the computer world.

HP Dominates Retail Desktop PC Sales

Hewlett Packard had five of the ten highest selling desktops in 2004. The Pavilion a705, Pavilion a730n, and Pavilion a720n occupied the top three slots, with the Compaq Presario SR 1230NX in fifth place and the Pavilion a744xb in eighth. (Compaq is now owned by Hewlett Packard.) The other positions were held by three eMachines and two Sony Vaios.

In the notebook market, Toshiba came out on top. Their Satellite M35X was in the first position with a sales share of 4.6 percent. Other Satellite models occupied sixth and tenth places. The Sony Vaio S260 was a close second, with 4.5 percent of sales. Their Vaio K33 held fifth place. HP made a strong showing in notebooks as well as desktops, holding third, fourth, seventh, eighth and ninth places

It should be noted that retail statistics do not include Dell, which doesn't sell through retail outlets. There's no need to worry about Dell, though. In the last fiscal year, their sales increased by more than 17 percent. With the introduction of three new powerful notebooks in the Latitude series, the future looks bright for them.

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