Computer Services

Written by Sarah Provost
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When we think of computer services, we (or at least I) tend to think of it like servicing a car--that is, doing maintenance and repair. Check under the hood and put a little fluid in the motherboard, would ya, pal? There are, of course, hundreds of thousands of companies that offer computer repairs. But the field of computer services is far, far wider than that.

Consultants for Computer Services

There are many branches of computer services that don't involve screwdrivers or soldering irons. There is Information Management Consulting, for instance, or System Architecture. These services involve developing the best system of computers and networks for businesses. Other consultants provide database administration, network administration, and the development of custom applications.

Extreme programming, or XP, is a fast-growing field of computer service. In traditional programming, clients set forth a plan stating what they want, and the developers go away and create that. Extreme programming, however, is interactive. The programming begins with a plan, but can be easily modified at every step of the way, remaining usable while it is being refined.

Of course, with all the constant innovation in the technical world, training is an important service that is always in demand. A consultant might come in for an afternoon to train eight workers how to use their new software, or an entire company might change over to a new system that will require major reeducation. Many computer service companies can also provide temporary staffing and outsourcing resources.

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